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We Deliver Highly Innovative Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring Excellence!

Medical Assurance of America, LLC endeavors to provide leadership and innovation in the delivery of health services with the utilization of technology, cultural sensitive messaging, along with partnerships with treating physicians.

What We Offer

Equitable Care

Medical Assurance of America, LLC is a provider of public health Interventional strategies dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable and/or under-served individuals, especially people of color. Strategies which bridge the Patient-Provider Gap.

Integrated Care

Chronic disease management, infectious disease management and mental health wellness benefit from emerging technologies that produce synergy with treatment plans. Culturally sensitive messaging aligned with technology and effective treatment plans offer unmatched “HIGH ACUITY” outpatient care.

Enhanced Engagement

Partnerships which enhance access to medical services for their patients. For practices which offer Remote Patient Monitoring, MAALLC provides the human resources (patient engagement advocates) necessary for the practice to accomplish the incremental engagement times required to receive reimbursement by the provider."

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Our Services


Call Center

The center provides a human “touch” via text or voice communication as an adjunct to primary care and medical specialty providers. This service is HIPPA compliant with continuous oversight of each call monitored for quality control. In addition, our center offers our engagement advocates with immediate physician access for clarity of any question from a patient.

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Community Outreach and Education

MAALLC provides community outreach for health education activities to battle health disinformation. Our community health advocates provide educational campaigns with the SCIENCE, HONESTY, and CULTURAL SENSITIVITY required for maximal actionable insights by the target population.

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Equal Justice Advocacy

Our principals provide the incite to adjust public policy through their understanding of correctional standards to address recidivism through a public health paradigm. Our goal is to decriminalize health maladies with treatment policies/practice, rather than warehousing humans for a crime when their real “offense” is a medical illness.

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