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Community Outreach and Education

MAALLC provides community outreach for health education activities to battle health disinformation. Our community health advocates provide educational campaigns with the SCIENCE, HONESTY, and CULTURAL SENSITIVITY required for maximal actionable insights by the target population.
1.Preventable Disease Initiative
This initiative is funded through the Gilead foundation's L.I.F.T. Grant, through a partnership between The Institute for the Advancement for Minority Health Inc. and MAALLC Inc. This comprehensive effort discovered patients at higher risk fro hereditary cancers. The archetype for heritable cancer is Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). This particular cancer is 2.7 times more likely to be diagnosed in African-American women aged less than 50. This initiative is an effort to document the value of comprehensive family history for assignment of "Life-Time" risk of developing a Heritage Cancer - Breast, Ovarian, Pancreas or Metastatic Prostate Cancer. Detailed family histories are the most effective mechanism to identify the patient for referral to Genetic testing.
In the process of conducting this study, it may be revealed that there is no disease. In this case, the patient may complain of feeling unwell and depressed. In this case, psychologists should be involved with the methods. Antidepressants are drugs that are prescribed to patients only by prescription. Serotonin reuptake drugs are most often prescribed, for example, Zoloft. Zoloft tablets contain the active substance Sertraline. Thanks to which it is easier for the patient to experience depression. Go to buy Zoloft.
2.A Covid-19 Vaccination initiative
Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center (A Federally Qualified Health Center- FQHC) in partnership with MAALLC Inc. assembled and trained engagement advocates to survey and educate venerable community members who are unvaccinated or in need of the current booster. The partnership determined that there is a significant need to provide greater access to health and social services, such as Covid vaccinations, to the FQHC service area of Hinds, Copiah and Warren county, which Jackson Hinds Community Health Center services.



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