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Equal Justice Advocacy 

The justice system historically does not utilize a public health model as a mechanism for criminal justice reform efforts. MAALLC principals are primary care physicians with multiple decades managing health professionals inside jail/prison systems throughout the Southern United States. Detained citizens in these systems enter and exit these correctional settings with under-served mental health diagnoses; or attention to substance use disorders. Our principals provide the incite to adjust public policy through their understanding of correctional standards to address recidivism through a public health paradigm. Our goal is to decriminalize health maladies with treatment policies/practice, rather than warehousing humans for a crime when their real “offense” is a medical illness.

Hope for incarceration women.

This initiative is funded from a grant of the Sozosei Foundation, through a partnership between One Voice Inc. and Medical Assurance of America, LLC. This partnership will assess the efficacy of services provided inside the facility and the services potentially available to these women in the community to which they return Hinds County Sheriff, Tyree Jones has begun an effort to provide Hinds County, MS stakeholders with a comprehensive "needs assessment" for the women detained in the Hinds County Adult Detention Center.
Our goal is to challenge the status quo with an effort to more effectively address recidivism in this MOST vulnerable demographic of the county's citizens with the analytics obtained through this fact finding endeavor. This unique endeavor will identify trends and findings of fact (data) for ACTIONABLE Insights to prioritize opportunities for specific interventions to dramatically reduce the revolving doors of jail admissions.


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