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Call Center

The center provides a human “touch” via text or voice communication as an adjunct to primary care and medical specialty providers. This service is HIPPA compliant with continuous oversight of each call monitored for quality control. In addition, our center offers our engagement advocates with immediate physician access for clarity of any question from a patient.

What MAALLC Provides:

1. A mechanism to ENGAGE directly with their patients enrolled in a remote patient monitoring system(RPM). The center acquires secured patient supplied information and biometric data (Vital signs, Blood glucose, Blood oxygen) to deliver actionable insights for clinicians to intervene in realtime. Additionally, the center provides the bidirectional communications required for proper reimbursement for RPM/CCM services.

2. MAALLC provides population health data collection through surveys for enhanced surveillance of community needs/practice enhancement. MAALLC selects competent, motivated and empathetic advocates. These interventions are educational endeavors which require the sensitivities needed to effectively reach the targeted demographic.


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